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It’s a gorgeous fall day here in Central Ontario. The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky (or at least there wasn’t when I was out this morning), and I finally got back out walking this morning!

It was lovely to be out, and I stopped at a couple of different benches to rest my legs a bit, and just to soak up some sun and take a picture of the sky. It was so blue and there wasn’t a cloud in sight! And the breeze was so nice I really didn’t want to come back in. I can’t wait to have my beach house, where I can just sit on the porch with my laptop and work all day!

But for now, I’m back inside and ready to get to work. I’ve just spent the afternoon listening to all the presentations in the Everything Content Summit, Day 2  and I have to say I learned a ton, and took so many notes! If you weren’t there live, you really missed out on a good summit full of ideas and actionable steps. But you can still get the replays in the Everything Content bundle itself, but only until Sunday when it closes.

One of the things I thought of doing while I was out this morning is a series of tips videos but I’ll film them when I’m out walking. I always stop at the halfway point to rest my legs, and I can’t film while I’m actually moving because I use the Nordic poles so my hands are just a wee bit full.

The other thing I thought about was the new Beginners Guide to Personal Growth content that came out from JR Lang this week. I was practically salivating when I saw everything that was included, and so I bought it when I got home this morning and will share a quick plan of what I’m going to do with it all.

So, I thought for today I’d give you a snapshot of how I might use this content. Here’s what I’d do with it…

What You Can Do with the Beginners Guide to Personal Growth

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Get the Beginner’s Guide to Personal Growth

First, there are six lessons each with their own guide and workbook. The lessons are:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Personal Growth and Development
  • Lesson 2: 7 Areas of Personal Growth
  • Lesson 3: The Growth Mindset and Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Overcoming Fear Of Change And Self-Transformation
  • Lesson 4: Steps of The Personal Growth Journey
  • Lesson 5: 50 Examples of Personal Growth Goals
  • Lesson 6: Personal Growth and Development – 55 Tips for Beginners Embrace the Journey of Self-Transformation

Each lesson also comes with a PowerPoint presentation, and an ecover.

If you run this as a course, then the lessons are going to be the part of the product that you sell. So you’ll want to do some modifying and rewriting to get them into your own voice. But even before I start to rewrite, I want everything in the package to have a cohesive look, so I’d grab a Canva template that I can use so that all the guides, presentations, and graphics in the entire package work together.

Maybe I’m strange but I need to know what something’s going to look like before I can start working on it.

So, once I have a design for everything I’d start working on the actual content. And the first thing I would do is decide on how I want to package it.

My initial thought, without digging into everything (mostly since I haven’t really had time to do anything but unzip everything and look at the list of contents) is that I would offer the content in two ways: The first is as a 6-part course with the guide and related video made from the PPT presentation; and the second as 6 separate guides.

The PPT presentations are fairly long, so I would probably break those up into bite size pieces and have 3 or 4 short videos in each module/lesson of the course. I might even take some of the pieces and turn them into vertical videos to use as shorts for YouTube, or Instagram Reels as a way to promote the content.

And since I love printables, I’d make a printable worksheet to go with each one as well.

It should go without saying that I’d change the layouts, the style, the fonts, and the titles at the very least. And probably rewrite a fair bit of the content to give it my voice as well.

I might include the Personal Growth Planner with each one as a bonus, but I’m not 100% decided on that yet.

I’d definitely spruce that up, give it a new format, add some more content to it, and offer it as its own separate product.

The same with the workbooks/journals. I’d create separate products for each one of these too, and then offer them all as a bundle deal once I’d edited them to have the same look and feel as the rest of the products in the series.  

At the same time as I was cleaning up the original 6 lessons, I’d work on the email series as well so that whatever changes I make in the guides is reflected in the emails that are meant to go with them.

The other videos included in the package, as well as all the articles and bonus materials I’d use as promo material and blog content, and make sure I SEO the heck out of each of those articles. I’d also make sure I have a content upgrade that works well with them to get people on my list so I can tell them more about the products.

There are a couple of checklists and reports that might make decent opt-in offers to get people interested in the course. Although what I learned in one of the summit presentations this afternoon has me totally rethinking how I create my opt-in freebies. (Get the replays with the Everything Content bundle)

So that’s a quick snapshot of what I’d do with this huge package of content at first glance. Even you decide to follow this, by the time you’re done you’d have at least 15 or 16 products you could sell. Even more if you use your imagination a bit.

Just as a quick example here, you could take some of the 28 articles and bundle them together to create even more mini guides. Add a printable or two that relate to the content, and you’ve got even more $7 or $9 products to use as tripwires or easy entry offers.

And I haven’t even looked at the bonus content yet.

When you get a package of this size with all related content, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But with a little thought and imagination you can easily build out a whole site around one pack of content.

This is exactly the type of content I’ll be sharing in the Creative Repurposing Society, only much more in depth and including videos and product demos. I’ve promised my members I’d be as transparent as possible, and so they’ll get to see my process and how I pull it all apart and put it back together in my own unique ways.

If you’d like to see that too, join the Creative Repurposing Society here.

I hope you found this helpful. If you’d like to see more of this type of content from me, please hit reply and let me know.

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

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P.S. My good friend Sue just came out with a 100 Days of Happiness Journal and I love it! Use coupon code HAPPINESS to save $5 through Tuesday, September 19.

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