I’m a great fan of repurposing as a way to leverage content and other online assets in order to get the most out of them. It’s a great way to save time, effort, and money when building your business and later when you’re getting ready to scale things up.

Doing this will save time by enabling you to reuse what you’ve done, save effort by not overthinking things, and save money because you can sell the same things you’re already selling in new ways.

Here are six ways you can leverage content to create even more income opportunities:

1. Repurpose your content

You are already generating a lot of content for your blog, your website, your social media, and your products. You can reuse almost everything you create at least once by changing its format, adding to it, and making it better.

2. Send your content to your email list

Lead nurturing through your email list is another great way to leverage content is a great way to share information with your subscribers. When you add content to your social media accounts and your website, you should also send it to your list members. This not only keeps your email list active, but it lets your readers keep up with what you’ve got going on.

On the flip side, you can also repurpose the emails you send into blog posts too.

3. Create new products

Leverage your existing products by using them to create new products. This is really easy to do in the low-content publishing world by simply changing up the graphics and color palettes you can create a whole line of products from one planner or journal.

As an example, for my latest 90-Day Dated Spring Goals Planner I took templates from about 6 different older planners and updated them, changed the colors, and added different fonts and graphics to create this brand new planner.

But, you can also repurpose other products into different formats as well. For example, a how-to book cand be repurposed into a course. A live workshop can be repurposed into a self-study training. Videos can be repurposed into podcasts just by stripping out the audio.

(Tip: When you record on zoom, it gives you both a video and an audio track to make podcasting even easier.)

4. Create bundles of products

If you have several products in the same category that encompass different levels of you can create bundles of products to sell. I do this all the time with low-content products, but it can also be done with other types of products as well.

Product bundles are a great way to create a new product for new customers, but also it can open the opportunity for someone who bought a portion of the package to buy more.

5. Take advantage of affiliate offers

Affiliate offers can be a goldmine of a way to repurpose your own content. The best way to do this is to find affiliate products that either compliment your own products or fit well with your blog posts. You can then give your posts a refresh and point the readers to the affiliate product that fits with the content. You get an updated post, and possibly affiliate commissions as well for extra income!

6. Use and reuse your PLR

As a PLR seller, one of the most frustrating things to see is people buying your products and not doing anything with them. The stats suggest that out of everyone who buys a PLR product, only about 5% will do anything with it. The other 95% tend to let it sit on their hard drives gather “digital dust.”

Using and reusing your PLR is a subject that is near and dear to my heart and over the coming months we’ll be talking a lot more about this.

Final Thoughts

Repurposing as a strategy to leverage content is a great way to increase your results exponentially. This is because you’re not replacing your existing products with the new repurposed ones, you’re adding to your catalog and giving your customers even more options to buy from you!  

*Note: This post includes affiliate links, for which I will receive a small commission should you make a purchase.

About the author, Ruth Bowers

I'm a self-styled creative soulpreneur who loves that she gets to play with words and pictures for a living. My friends call me the "Repurposing Queen" because I'm always coming up with new ways to use and reuse DFY Content. And I love sharing what I find with you too!

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