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I'm Ruth Bowers and I've been a soulpreneur since 1997. That's about when I built my first website and started my first email newsletter. In 2004 I discovered "done for you" content, and I was hooked! I've bought it, I've created and sold it, and I've used it to create all manner of products to sell. 

My main business now is creating low-content printables, planners, and courses. I love to create pretty things like digital papers, planners and journals. My friends call me the "repurposing queen" because I'm always taking content of all types, and turning it into something completely different. It's not only my business, it's also something that relaxes me. You'll find out more about all of this as you explore the site!


What can you expect here?

Creative Repurposing is not just what I do, it's a huge part of who I am.

And on this site, you'll find out more about how to create your own low-content products, and how to repurpose the done-for-you content that you may have sitting around gathering dust on your hard drive(s). Along the way, we'll talk list building, and content marketing, because if you don't have an audience to sell your finished projects to, you don't really have a business. 

Thanks for sharing a step or two on this journey with me!

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