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Welcome to the Creative Repurposing Organize Your DFY Content Challenge!

Please bookmark this page as I will be adding any videos, lesson notes, etc. here as well as in the Challenge Group. 

A couple of housekeeping things before we get started:

Please whitelist my email address:

This is my email sending address, and all of your challenge announcements will come through this address.

The subject lines will look like this: [Organize DFY Content] Day 1 - and the subject of the day's task

Most of the challenge activity will take place in my Marketing Mindset Motivation Community. I've set up a private group in there where we can interact with each other. Please add yourself to the group here (even if you're already a community member, the link below is your access to the private group.)

Here's what you can expect for the next few days:

  • Day 0 - Introduction 
  • Day 1 - Storing Your Files
  • Day 2 - Deleting Files
  • Day 3 - Tracking Your Files
  • Day 4 - Brainstorming Uses for Your Content
  • Day 5 - Using Your Content
  • Day 6 - Wrapping Up - Be Consistent! 

Here's to your creative success!

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