Happy Tuesday!

It’s a beautiful day here in Central Ontario, although they’re saying we may get freezing rain later tonight.  I’m glad I got all my shopping and errand running done this week just in case.  

I was up and out as soon as the store opened this morning, because I went to feed DanDan and realized I grabbed dog food instead of cat food on the weekend! That’ll teach me for only looking at the color of the bag and not the actual label! I’m just grateful it was on sale, and I didn’t have to pay full price for my mistake!

Here’s what I have for you this morning…

Today’s Read: 8 Ways to Make Content Creation Easier by Using DFY Content

Here are 8 ways to use done-for-you content to make your content creation easier:

1. Use it as research material

When you choose a high-quality DFY content vendor to purchase from you can trust the information you get and use it as research for creating all types of content. It’s a great place to start so that you’re not starting from scratch and having to take the time, or pay someone else to take the time, to do all your research for you. But, as I mentioned in this article, always fact check the content before you use it.

2. Repurpose it in a new format.

Every type of content you buy can be repurposed in some other way depending upon the terms of service. A couple of quick examples are slides and blog posts.

The slides that are included in many “biz in a box” PLR packs can be repurposed into single graphics for social media or blog post images. They can also be voiced over with your material to create unique video content.

Blog posts can be combined to form an ebook or short report. They can be broken up into snippets to use as social posts. They can also be recorded as podcast episodes.

Read the full article

Top Pick Today

Any Size Image Secrets from Amy Harrop

I picked this up this morning as soon as it went live, and I’ll have a full review for you tomorrow, but I’m excited to see what she’s got here because it’s all about creative any size image SVG files, and simple strategies for selling them! And I don’t know about you, but I’m all about finding more ways to repurpose my images and turn them into another stream of income.

The training includes:

  • The In-Depth Any Size Image Secrets PDF Guide – 80+ pages.
  • Over The Shoulder Video Trainings to make every step as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Done-for-you helper templates with commercial rights. These customizable templates allow for immediate listing with social media templates, listing backgrounds and shop info templates for multiple marketplaces
  • Bonuses

Topics covered include:

  • What Makes Any Size Images SUCH a Secret Goldmine – pg 12
  • Only Use the BEST: How to Identify Products with Consistent Searches – pg 23
  • What Types of Images Make Good SVGs…And Which to Avoid at All Costs – pg 44
  • 4 Little-Known Places to Find Free-For-Commercial Use Images – pg 47
  • 11 Secret, Super-Hot SVG Sub-Niches…Discover These BEFORE Your Competition Does – pg 51
  • The MOST Popular Marketplaces and Sales-Boosting Strategies for Each – pg 64
  • The many HIDDEN BENEFITS to Selling in Multiple Formats – pg 69
  • Extra Insider Tips & Tricks…Don’t Miss Out on Proven Methods – pg 70
  • Licensing Requirements and Pro Suggestions…Everything You NEED to Know to Protect Yourself – pg 74
  • Bundling Bonanza—Why Customers LOVE Bundles…And Why You Should, Too – pg 76

Deals Ending Today

NEW!! Joyful Spring Bilingual Activity Book with PLR from Stephanie Gilbert is live and on sale this weekend. Use coupon code printemps to save 50% through April 4. It includes:

  • Cover, Belongs To page and Back Cover
  • Writing Activities PLUS Mazes, Crosswords, Rebus And More!
  • Canva Template

Quick Start SEO PLR from Piggy Makes Bank is on sale through Tuesday, April 4. Use coupon code SEO to save $10 at checkout. This pack includes: 30 Articles, 30 Emails, eBook Compilation, 40 Social Media Posts, the “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, and an eBook/Workbook combo.

Fast & Simple Course Creations with the Power of Printables is a 4-week Intensive Training Program from Alice and Yusef at Ekit Hub. You can pick up the personal use version at the original launch price until April 4. The 4 live lessons cover:

  • Lesson 1: Insider Methods for Researching and Developing Your “Get Paid Before You Create It” Product
  • Lesson 2: Easy Strategies for Building Your Buyer Audience and Crafting an Offer They Can’t Resist
  • Lesson 3: Putting Together & Delivering Your Simple, But High Impact Course with Printables
  • Lesson 4: Easy Systems to Keep Profiting from Your Course Materials and Printables Long After the Work is Done   

New Mentions Today

Me Skills Live Coaching Event hosted by Kelly McCausey is on next week from April 10 to 14. The topic is Building Skills for a More Joyful Life, and features 14 presentations on personal development and mindset topics. Registration is free, and replays will be available for purchase. I’m signed up already, and hope to see you there!

The Art of Mindul Living PLR from Justin and Sajan is on sale this week. This is a “biz in a box” style content pack that covers:

  • What living mindfully really means and why it is so important for you to use the best mindfulness techniques to transform your life!
  • 9 major benefits of living mindfully that will inspire you to take action and keep your motivation levels high every day!
  • The ONE thing that you MUST do to live a mindful life – most people do not do this and set themselves up for failure from the start!
  • 7 untrue myths and misconceptions about mindfulness that you must ignore as they can prevent you from achieving your goal of living mindfully!
  • 8 common mistakes that other people make when they are trying to live mindfully that you can easily avoid and increase your chances of success!
  • The best breathing techniques that you can easily master and practice every day to help you build a mindful life!
  • How to use the incredible power of mindfulness meditation every day so that you can truly live a mindful life!
  • 8 powerful and proven ways to help you to live mindfully – these are all easy to implement and the guide reveals everything step-by-step!
  • How to utilize the power of cognitive restructuring so that you can make the necessary changes and build a mindful life!
  • 8 life-changing best practices that you must follow to live mindfully and transform your life for the better!

New Illustrator for Beginners Training from Design Cuts is on sale this week. Save 30% (no coupon required) and learn the fundamentals of working with vector graphics.

New! The Adventurous Creator’s Playful Collection from Design Cuts is available and on sale this week. It includes 21 gorgeous graphics packs including one of Everdrifter’s Mandala Creators!

Ongoing Deals You Might Like

Flash Sale on Mini Memberships from Piggy Makes Bank is on this week. There are three different mini memberships to choose from and each one comes with 5 articles, 5 emails, 5 social media friendly graphics, 5 social media posts, and an ebook compilation of the articles.

For individual memberships, use coupon code MINIDEAL to save 50% on each one through April 7.

If you decide you want all 3 use coupon code SPRING2023 and you’ll save $30/month off the listed price through April 6.

Maximize Each Day PLR Special from Tools for Motivation is on sale this week through Friday, April 7. This is a full PLR package on the topic of making the most out of each day. Topics covered in the content include:

  • The importance of planning
  • The power of a morning routine
  • What to do when the day drags
  • How to deal with unforeseen obstacles
  • The benefits of a bedtime routine and quality sleep

Radical Shifts: How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs and Tap Into Your Divine Purpose from Coach Glue is on sale this week through Thursday, April 6. Use promo code 27 to save $70 at checkout. This content covers:

  • Step 1: Limiting Beliefs as the Golden Path to Your Purpose
  • Step 2: Notice & Name the Beliefs Squelching Your Soul
  • Step 3: Get Crystal Clear About What Your Beliefs Are Costing You
  • Step 4: Rewrite Your Beliefs and Call Back the Truth Of Who You Are!
  • Step 5: Embody Your New Beliefs for Total Transformation
  • Step 6: Take Small Actions to Make Major Moves Toward Your Purpose

NEW!! Start Now, Not Later PLR from Shaun and Cally is available and on sale this weekend. This is a full biz in a box style package that is the ultimate guide for those who want to break free from procrastination and start taking that crucial first step towards building their best life! You can pick it up for under $20 through April 6, and then the price goes up.

Canva & Adobe Firefly Tutorials Video PLR from Charles is available and on sale this weekend. I’m looking forward to digging into these because one of the main reasons I kept my Adobe membership for another year was to be able to play with Firefly and see what it’s all about. The videos also cover Microsoft Designer and Bing Images as well.

Coloring Patterns Monthly 2.0 

Yes! I’m tooting my own again today, because I’m so stinkin’ excited about the new membership, the new website, and life in general!

For only $9 a month you are getting:

  • 30 coloring patterns
  • A monthly pre-recorded training on different ways to use the patterns, create products, and grow your business. (The first training will be delivered this week)
  • A brand new members only community where you can ask questions and get feedback.
  • A monthly challenge
  • A members only coupon for 30% off anything else in my shop

NEW!! The April Product Listing Challenge hosted by Lori is back again for another round. Stock your shop with a new listing each day for 30 days, and get:

  • Weekly FB Lives
  • Weekly Open Office Hours
  • 50% Discount in Lori’s store
  • Chance to win prizes!

Registration is open through April 6.

Book Publishing Truth Formula from Andy is on sale for only $11 (reg. $37) through Sunday, April 9. it sets out Andy’s own system for publishing books that sell. It includes 7 sections covering everything from foundations, to creating your books, to selling them. I’ve taken a lot of Andy’s courses over the years, and I always come away with some golden nuggets from them.

The Speed Blogging AI course from Erica Stone is out now, and I picked it up yesterday because I thought it looked interesting. I’m all about upping my affiliate game so am very interested to see what she says and does in this training.

I went through the first lesson last night, and I really like that she gives you specific exercises to do. You’ll get 2 lessons per week for the next six months, and she also explains why it’s set up this way in the lesson.

A Few Freebies

Free Bohemian Floral Decorations from Design Cuts (available through Friday, April 7)

5 Free Procrastination Articles from Publish to Prosperity

7 Ways to Improve Your Body Image from Piggy Makes Bank – FREE Pack in includes 7 articles and 7 emails.

New!! Free Arty Splash Themed Templates Pack from Fran at Happy Journals

New!! Free Cherry Blossom Themed Template Pack also from Fran at Happy Journals

Free Habit Tracker Calendar from Lynette at Thrive Anywhere

That’s it for me this morning. I’m off to find some lunch and then settle in to create a new product for this weekend!

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

About the author, Ruth Bowers

I'm a self-styled creative soulpreneur who loves that she gets to play with words and pictures for a living. My friends call me the "Repurposing Queen" because I'm always coming up with new ways to use and reuse DFY Content. And I love sharing what I find with you too!

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