Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re on the right path, how everything flows so much more smoothly, and you have so much more energy? I’m finding that right now, since I got really clear on the direction I want to go with the Creative Repurposing site and the products and services I want to create for it.

The past few days I’ve been waking up between 3 and 5 a.m. feeling rested and ready to dive into my day. And that’s a huge change from the couple of weeks before and after I shut down the PLR shop on Ritchie Media when I could barely keep my eyes open and had no energy to work at all.

I’m finding that I really love working in the early morning too. It’s quiet, and it’s peaceful. And more importantly, it’s one of my most creative times of the day. The other one is from about 10 p.m. to midnight, so I’m really not getting a lot of sleep right now and I’m okay with that. The nice part of working for myself means I can ride the energy waves as they come, and nap during the day as I need to.

And I can get so focused that I just put my head down and start cranking out the content and the work on my to do list every day! I need to ruminate on this a little more, but I can’t tell you how important that clarity is… When everything starts falling into place, you’ll see it and you’ll feel it, and I’m here to tell you that when you finally listen to what the Universe is telling you… life gets pretty darn good.

And on that note, let’s get back to business!

Here’s what I have for you this morning…

And with that, here’s what I have for you today…

Today’s Read: 9 Tips for Rewriting DFY Content as Blog Posts

One of the most popular uses of DFY content is as blog posts. Most packages of written content that you can purchase always include anywhere from 5 to 10 articles that you can post on your blog. This makes adding content relatively easy if you don’t want to create it all from scratch yourself.

There are some people who will tell you that blogging is dead, and that you don’t need a blog to have a successful business but I beg to strongly disagree with that. A blog is like the store front for your business, where customers and prospective customers can come to learn more about you, and what you do. They’re looking for experts in the topics they need help with, and it’s your job to provide that for them.

The drawback of having a blog is that you need to be adding content on a regular basis in order for it to gain traction, drive traffic, and keep your existing audience coming back as well.

This is why using DFY content as a head start on your blog posts is a huge time saver. The grunt work and the research has already been done. Although, as I mentioned in a previous post on why you might want to rewrite your DFY content, you always want to be fact checking before you put your name on the finished product.

But, in order to get the best results from blog posts created from DFY content, you are going to want to rewrite parts of it, and add your own voice and experience as well.

Here are 9 tips for rewriting DFY content as blog posts

Quick Links (for readers in a hurry)

3 Picks for Today

Pick #1 – Maureen’s Birthday Sale – One of the first people I met when I started in the low-content/coloring book space was Maureen at Color Me Positive PLR. For today and tomorrow she’s celebrating her birthday by giving you 62% off everything in her shop when you use coupon code SOHAPPY. If you need to stock up on coloring book kits this is a great deal because she rarely puts her content on sale like this!

Pick #2 – Zero Budget Marketing Workbook from Lynette is on sale this week through Monday July 3. I’m excited to get my hands on this workbook because it gives you 8 different marketing activities for your business that don’t cost anything out of pocket. And especially with me in the middle of changing direction and not having any products to sell right now, free marketing ideas are a really good thing!

Pick #3 – Mark Hess’s Six Figure Confession was a no brainer buy for me, especially after reading the sales page. I’ve never seen anything like it, and he gets really real about what he’s gone through in the past few years. I’m looking forward to digging in and seeing what gems I can pick up from someone who has been in this space longer than I have.

A Couple More Deals You Might Like

Club Pin from Melanie at Bitty Spire Life. This is one of my favorite memberships and is a must have for me every month. For $10 you get content, Pinterest pins, Mockups (that don’t look like everything else out there) and a walk through video on how to customize everything. July’s content (available on the first) includes:

  • 50 Instagram Templates – Health/Wellness
  • 50 Instagram Templates – Spiritual Energy (Positive Affirmations, Law of Attraction, etc)

(Tip: You could also edit these templates to work with the 340 Gratitude Affirmations from JR)

Plus, if you join now you also get June’s content too so it’s like a BOGO sale for the next couple of days!

NEW!! The AI Advantage from Shaun & Cally is on sale this week through Sunday, July 2. This is all about using the power of AI to boost productivity and covers the fundamentals of AI, forms, applications, and the pros and cons of using AI in your business. I am excited to read this and put it to use for myself, and since it’s a PLR product I’m sure you’ll see it on a blog near you in the future too.

Routines for the Soul is my next pick, and this is the latest wellness content from Piggy Makes Bank. You get 30 Articles, 30 Emails, eBook Compilation, 30 Social Media Posts, the “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, and an eBook/Workbook combo. Use coupon code SOUL to save $10 at checkout.

Game Changing Prompts to Boost Your Traffic from Denise and Andy at the AI Success Club is on sale through June 30 to celebrate Denise’s birthday. Use coupon code DENISEBDAY to save 64% at checkout. This AI Success Club Playbook includes 33 exclusive traffic-generating promtps you can use to tap into ChatGPT and increase your visibility.

And of course, there are always freebies:

FREE! Live Creative Freelance Event at Design Cuts on Thursday, June 29. There are three workshops that cover:

  • 2:00PM James Martin – How to Connect with Your Audience and Remain Relevant
  • 3:00PM Anneli Hanson – From Target Audience to Ideal Client
  • 4:00PM Mike Janda – Finding Potential Clients

NOTE: All times are UK time

NEW! Design Cuts Weekly Freebie – Cute Kiddie Patterns & Posters

That’s it for me today. I’m off to get some lunch and then have a nap before I start recording videos. I was up at working by 4 a.m. this morning, so I figure I’ve earned a bit of a break for a couple of hours!

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

See you tomorrow!

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