Happy Friday!

It’s a much nicer day outside today. The humidity is starting to amp up again now, but when I went out this morning for bloodwork take 2, it was gorgeous and breezy, and all I could think of was how I wished there was somewhere to go and eat breakfast outside!

I used to love outside breakfasts when we had our summer cottage. Even in the past couple of years during covid when they let the restaurants downtown have picnic tables outside, it was nice to go downstairs and eat breakfast. But they stopped doing that this year, so there’s no patio downtown now that serves breakfast outside.

Anyways, that’s enough whining from me. I’ll just get more motivated to get my beach house so I have all the outside space I want for breakfast and even working outside!

And on that note, here’s what I have for you this morning…

Today’s Read: 5 Ways to Start Taking Action on Achieving Your Goals

If you stop and think about it, you probably have a laundry list of thing you’ve always meant to do. You might even have a list of goals you planned to complete, but somehow never quite got around to taking action on them. I know I can talk a good game, but if I’m honest with myself I probably talk about taking action a lot more than I actually do the things I plan on. But I’ve promised myself that at least for the rest of this year I will do a lot less talking about what I’m going to do, and a lot more of just buckling down to get things done.

Here are 5 ways to start taking action on achieving your goals:

Simplify your goals

You may have a dozen goals on your list, but you can’t realistically work on all of them at the same time. If you focus only on one to three goals at any one time you will have a much better chance at success. So prioritize your list and pick the three most important ones and start taking action on those first.

Read the full article

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Today’s Featured Partner Pick

Today’s featured pick is the Connect & Convert Bundle from Bundle Bash. I don’t usually make bundle sales the feature, just because there are so many products and some may appeal to you, and some may not. But, since the focus of this bundle is list building and that’s something we all need to be doing every day, I personally think this is too good a deal to pass up!

There are a total of 18 contributors with a combined value of over $1200 plus you also get the recordings from the summit.  Here’s the list of contributors. I’ve bolded the ones that I think look pretty promising:

  1. Jennifer Dunham of Time, Money & Happiness Matters – Easy & Effective… List-Building Lead Magnets: How to Attract New Customers on Autopilot – $197
  2. Cheryl Rerick – WTF are Tags? – $199 
  3. Val Selby of Bundle Bash – Collaboration Challenge + group coaching – $197
  4. Becky Beach – Coffee Talk Emails – $97
  5. Meg Burrage of Collaboration Station – Get Listed! Your Collaboration Quick Start! – $69
  6. Rayven Monique of Color Monthly PLR – Zen Zoo Animals Coloring Pages – $30
  7. Rebecca Brockman of That PLR Girl – Content Upgrade Template Toolbox – $27
  8. Crystal Nicole Jones & Pamela James – The Path to Productivity: Social Media | Lead Magnet Bundle – $37
  9. Joyce Layman – Ultimate Lead Magnet Accelerator Kit – $27
  10. Karrie Chariton of KMB Digital – The Panic-Free Launch Analytics Tracker – $27
  11. Kristen Miller – Bundle Brilliance – $97
  12. Rosemary Morretta of TeamSelfCare – Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life 30-Day Challenge – $49
  13. Dr. Renee Sunday of DRS Global – Ultimate Market and Promote Your Book Bundle – $30
  14. Jackie Ruggiero of Active Mom Printables – Minimalist Lead Magnet Page Layout PLR – $27
  15. Kylie Kelly – Ultimate Visibility Checklist & Collaboration Tracker – $37
  16. Erin Morris – Attraction Storytelling Framework – $47
  17. Carlene Kelsey of Desert Digital Ad Group – Know When You Are Ready For Paid Ads Guide – $37
  18. Angela Wills of Living Lifestyle Freedom – Endless Email Ideas with Core Messages – $45

The bundle is on sale through Sunday, July 16. Get your copy before it’s gone…

Get the Connect & Convert Bundle

Fran’s New WordPress Course

Fran’s new course Learning WordPress Without Fear goes live today at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. You’ll be able to save $30 with coupon code WORDPRESS30 through Saturday, July 15.

This is an 11-part course where Fran will walk you through every step of setting up a WordPress site. Lessons cover:

  • Buying the right domain & hosting
  • How to install WordPress
  • The full WordPress walkthrough
  • Your URLs (before you do anything else, do this)
  • How to choose your theme
  • Using the media library (properly)
  • Getting to grips with WordPress posts
  • Getting to grips with WordPress pages
  • Adding your user-friendly menu
  • Customising your theme
  • Getting to grips with WordPress plugins

Get Learning WordPress Without Fear

Several Partner Deals Ending Today

ENDS TONIGHT!! Michelle at PLR Niche is having a Surprise 4th of July Sale that runs through July 7. Use coupon code JULY44 to save 44% off anything in her shop! If you’ve not visited Michelle’s shop, she has a lot of different planners and journals in the crafting and homesteading niches that you don’t see anywhere else.

ENDS TONIGHT!! The best deal right now has to be Charles Harper’s 4th of July Sale that’s on through Friday, July 7. You can pick a bundle of as well as all of the affiliate bonuses he’s offered over the past 6 months. I grabbed this first thing this morning because there is a huge amount of useful content in here that I can use for my new projects.

ENDS TONIGHT!! Etsy Infomania from Stuart and Bart is on sale this weekend for almost 50% off. Use coupon code JULY4 to claim your savings through Friday, July 7. I’m so glad they put this on sale because it reminds me that I had planned to do some of what they’re teaching way back when they launched this in January! What the training shows you a new way to make money on Etsy by selling simple info reports, and they’ve created this 90-page training guide to share the process.

ON SALE!! Tiny Viral Videos Planner from Coach Glue is on sale this week through Friday, July 7. Use code 50 to save 50% at checkout. This planner covers:

  • Step 1: Pick the Perfect Platform to Reach Droves of “Right People”
  • Step 2: Get Familiar with What’s Viable to Go Viral
  • Step 3: Leverage Trends to Fast-track Your Success
  • Step 4: Brainstorm Unique, Internet-Breaking Content
  • Step 5: Finesse Your “Films” with Fame-Creating Final Touches
  • Step 6: Post at the Right Times to Skyrocket to Stardom

Registration for Angela’s Email Results Challenge closes tonight! This is a challenge focused on getting results for people who already have a list and want to grow it and make sales from it. I’m going to be working on building a brand-new list in Q3 so that I can run some case studies and change formats, and this is perfect for me to be able to do that.

Here are the challenge details:

  • Starts July 1st and runs to September 30th, 2023.
  • Includes Challenge PDF Guide, Cohort Facebook Group, Accountability and Draws for Prizes for Action Takers.
  • The cost is a one-time $80 OR you can get it included with your Email Practice Club membership. (Both options are on the sales page)

Check out the Email Results Challenge (registration closes July 7)

Partner Offers You May Like

NEW!! 100 New Canva Product Templates from Melanie are available and on sale through July for only $27. You get a pack of 100 templates that include:

  • Planner Pages
  • Finance and Budgeting Pages
  • Habit and Tracker Pages
  • Journal Pages
  • Undated Calendar Pages
  • Workbook and Process Pages
  • Gift Certificates – and more!
  • Plus 5 Canva Tutorial Videos!

ON SALE!! New & Improved “Inspire Your Audience” Content Marketing Bundle from Publish for Prosperity is on sale this weekend. Use coupon code INSPIRE to save $60 through Monday, July 10. Plus, you will get the updated 2024 version as soon as it’s released! This bundle includes:

  • 57-Page Content Marketing Guide & Planner with Weekly Writing Prompts (PDF – Personal Use Only)
  • 15- Page Content Marketing Guide (PDF – Personal Use Only)
  • 4 x Personal Development List-Building Bundles (.doc – PLR) – 6,629 words/21 pages:  Each bundle focuses on a specific Personal Development topic and includes a short report, 5 articles per bundle, Canva eCover templates (4x), and a copy & paste opt-in page
  • Bundle Topics include: Stress Management, Becoming More Efficient, Mindfulness, and Self-Confidence
  • 27-Page Canva Lead Magnet Template
  • BONUS #1: 365 Personal Development Tips
  • BONUS #2: 651 Inspirational Social Media Graphics
  • Bonus #3: 149 Inspirational Quotes

NEW!! Quokka Spirit Animal Content from Gabby is on sale this week through Wednesday, July 12. Use coupon code quokkacheer to save $20 at checkout. This pack includes:

  • 1 Epic Done-For-You Blog Post (1000+ Words)
  • 1 Hand-Painted Watercolor Image File (300 DPI)
  • 1 Hand-Painted Watercolor Background Image
  • 7 Journal Page Templates and Cover Using the Graphics of the Bee Spirit Animal in Canva and PowerPoint in 8.5″x11″
  • 2 Front Styles of the Spirit Animal Oracle Card Templates and 1 Back Style in Canva and PowerPoint in 2.75″ x 4.75″
  • Commercial Use / PLR Rights
  • 4 Additional Graphics Packages Include:
  • Kids Graphics Pack
  • Mystical Graphics Pack
  • Watercolor Graphics Pack
  • Line Art Graphics Pack
  • And More

NEW!! Traffic and Social Media Academy Vertical Videos is the latest released from Jonathan Teng and is on sale through Monday, July 10. The main offer includes 40 videos on 4 in-demand topics: Website traffic, Facebook traffic, Pinterest traffic, and LinkedIn traffic.

NEW!! How to Acquire Your Ideal Coaching Clients – DFY course from Sharyn at Content Sparks is on sale this week through Wednesday, July 12. Save $200 at checkout – no coupon required. This DFY course content is designed for coaches, but there’s no reason you couldn’t repurpose it for service providers or consultants too.

NEW!! Marketing Misconceptions PLR from Piggy Makes Bank is on sale this week. Use coupon code MARKET to save $10 at checkout through Saturday, July 8. The package includes:

  • 6,000+ word eBook/Workbook: How Marketing Misconceptions are Impacting Your Business,
  • 30 Articles,
  • 30 Emails,
  • eBook Compilation of the existing articles for your convenience,
  • 30 Social Media Posts
  • + Bonus Materials:
  • Branding Worksheet and Questionnaire
  • QUIZ
  • Target Audience Questionnaire

Kevin Fahey just released his latest IM Checklists. This is Vol. 67 and it covers AI for Internet Marketing. You get 18 checklists with PLR that cover how to use AI for several different tasks such as:

  1. Defining Your Marketing Goals
  2. Leveraging AI To Identify Your Target Audience
  3. Selecting The Right AI Tools For Your Marketing
  4. Leveraging AI To Collect And Analyze Customer Data
  5. Using AI For Customer Support
  6. Utilizing AI To Generate Headlines For Ads And Ad Copies
  7. Using AI For Image Recognition
  8. Optimizing Conversion Rate With AI
  9. Leveraging AI For Promotional Personalization
  10. Using AI For Predictive Analysis

ENDING SOON!! Become a Journalpreneur: Create, Print and Sell Your Journals from Alice at PLR Finders shows you how to cover how to build a business creating and selling journals. It’s on sale right now for only $17. I just bought this today, and I’m excited to go through this myself since creating a proper journal store is high on my list to get done this year! Some of the topics covered include:

  • 5 important steps to understand before you start creating selling and journaling
  • The things to know about WHY people love journaling, so you can create better journals that your customers can’twait to buy.
  • What kind of journal themes are popular…we’ve laid out 100 for you that you can choose to focus on or use to dive deeper into your own specialty.
  • 250 copy-paste titles you can use in a variety of themes.
  • Making the important decision between digital or printed journals. We’ll tell you what to consider.
  • Uncovering the unique experience you can provide to buyers of your journals, so they keep coming back for more.
  • An overview of different types of journal layouts you can create to suit different journaling objectives.

FREE!! DFY 7-Day Challenge Planner from A Cup of Zen

FREE PLR!! 7 Things You Can Do To Double Your Income from Piggy Makes Bank – includes 7 articles and 7 emails.

NEW and FREE!! 3 Keys for Personal Growth PLR from Tools for Motivation is available through Sunday, July 9.

That’s it for me today! I’m going to hop on a zoom call and then get some more work done. I’ve had what I think is a big revelation about my new membership that I’m building, and I’ll share that with you in tomorrow’s newsletter!

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

See you tomorrow!

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