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Discover the Repurposing Strategies that Will Have You Using and Reusing Your Content and Finally Making It Pay for Itself!

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Do you have a stash of content that you've created or purchased over time that's just gathering digital dust because you don't know what to do with it?

I can help! 

I've been there myself, and I'm on a mission to use and reuse as much of the content I've collected and created over the past few years and turn it into products, classes, and other content and get it making money for me.

And I"m inviting you to come along on my journey!

This is The Creative Repurposing Society...

What Is The Creative Repurposing Society?

The Creative Repurposing Society is a monthly membership where I'll be sharing my strategies for repurposing content, creating products, and launching an entire new business branch with what I create. 

Along the way you'll see exactly what I'm doing as I build out a new blog and Shopify store to go with it in an entirely new niche away from the Done-For-You content space that I've been in for the past several years. 

And in addition to watching over my shoulder as I build my business, you'll also get courses, challenges and training guides to help you repurpose the content you have in ways that will have it finally earning its keep!

Here's what you'll get each month:

  • A Short, Focused "How To Repurpose Content" Training Guide
  • Weekly Video Updates on what I'm doing for my "secret project"
  • A Monthly 5 or 10-Day Challenge
  • The Opportunity to "Ask Me Anything" twice a month
  • Implementation Sessions on how to use specific DFY Content
  • A Video Resource Library
  • A Dedicated, Private Facebook Group for Members Only
  • BONUS: Monthly Accountability Challenge
  • BONUS: Members Only Discounts on Courses and Products Sold Outside the Membership!

Who Am I and Why Am I Doing This?

I am Ruthie Bowers, and I've been working online since about 1997. And for most of that time I've been a content marketer, using and reusing content in a variety of ways. Along the way I discovered Done for You Content and started using and reusing that too. And in 2017 I started selling DFY Low Content such as coloring books, calendars, and journal templates. 

After a survey of my customers where I asked them how they were using the products they bought from me, I was shocked when over 70% of them told me they weren't using it at all because they didn't know what to do with it!

Ever since then I've been creating courses and workshops on how to use the content you purchase so it's not just gathering digital dust on your devices. The Creative Repurposing Society brings together my 20 years of working with content, and you get to benefit from that!

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Here's to your creative success!

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