Happy Friday!

I almost wasn’t going to do an actual newsletter tonight, but I’ve been working on a new website for most of the day. It’s something for my new project, and I’m really excited that I’m finally taking more steps forward to getting it done.

But working on that reminded me of how important it is to have your own website, so that you have at least one web platform that you have control over where you own your content, and your products, and your list.

I’ve been preaching this since almost day one when I taught myself how to build websites by hand-coding HTML. I still like to get in and dig around in the code every once in awhile, but I’m so grateful for things like WordPress and Thrive Architect for taking all the heavy lifting out of the process.

And in the rabbit trail that is my mind, that in turn reminded me that today’s the last day to save on Angela’s Create Websites from Scratch training. And I’d really hate for you to miss out on that if you’re wanting to create your own website and save shelling out the big bucks for a designer.

For as long as I’ve known Angela, she’s been sharing WordPress and how to use it with her community. I think the first course I ever did with her was on building a WordPress website and that was years ago. Her latest incarnation of WP training is Create Websites from Scratch and it’s on sale this week through Friday, August 11 for only $70.

Here’s quick rundown of what you’ll learn inside this course:

  • Module 1: Setting up With WordPress
  • Module 2: Customizing WordPress
  • Module 3: Adding Content to Your Website
  • Module 4: Maximizing Your Site with Plugins & More

Angela’s a great teacher and coach, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met her. So, if building your own website is on your radar in the near future, be sure to check out Create Websites from Scratch now before the price goes back up tomorrow.

Once you get the hang of creating your own sites, you’ll find out just how much fun it can be! I’ve been having a blast today working on mine and have all the framework up and plugins installed. Tomorrow I’ll start making it pretty and figuring out content, and by Monday it will be live and ready for visitors.

Of course, as much as I love the hands-on aspect of actually building a site, it’s the adding content that I love the most. (But you already knew that, right?) And so I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share these ongoing content deals from a few of my friends before I say goodnight.

Ending Tonight

100 New Canva Product Templates from Melanie are available and on sale through August 10 for only $27. You get a pack of 100 templates that include:

  • Planner Pages
  • Finance and Budgeting Pages
  • Habit and Tracker Pages
  • Journal Pages
  • Undated Calendar Pages
  • Workbook and Process Pages
  • Gift Certificates – and more!
  • Plus 5 Canva Tutorial Videos!

AI Content Marketing Video PLR is the lasted instalment in the New Marketer Workshop series from Charles Harper. This package covers how to use the basic AI Content Creation tools. It includes:

  • 20 High Quality over the Shoulder Videos
  • 20 Companion Audios
  • Machine Transcripts
  • E-Covers and Sales Graphics
  • Sales Page and Thank You Page
  • Sales Video and Script/Outline

Ongoing Deals You Might Like

Seasonal Printables: Make Sales With Every Season by Amy Harrop is on sale from now through August 21, and you can save $10 with coupon code SEASONS10.

In this updated training Amy is going to share:

  • How to identify easy, profitable seasonal and holiday niches and understand what consumers want.
  • Multiple marketplaces where seasonal printables are being sold by the thousands.
  • Highlights for each of the four quarters of every year — in demand niches and products that bring back customers year after year
  • How to harness superior SEO to bring customers to your listings in droves.
  • Done-for-you seasonal product templates…simply modify and sell.
  • the insider strategies behind sales, coupon codes and promos to promote your seasonal printables
  • And much more!

You’ll also receive a set of Halloween Clipart to use in your seasonal products.

Check out Seasonal Printables here.

NEW! Frugal Living Planner from Michelle is available and on sale through Sunday, August 13. This planner template comes with 46 pages, in both PowerPoint and Canva Formats and includes several very cool pages including:

  • Simple Money Saving Tips
  • Electric Bill Saving Tips
  • Budget Planner Insert
  • Brainstorm Budget Cuts
  • 30 Day Spend Freeze Challenge Insert
  • 30 Day Spend Freeze Challenge
  • 30 Day How Did You Do?
  • Savings Insert
  • Savings Tracker
  • Find The Best Deals Insert
  • And more…

NEW! Spirit Animal Content from Gabby. This month’s animal is Dragon and you can either get it as part of the membership or as a standalone package. If you choose the standalone option, use coupon code dragon to save $20 through Sunday, August 13.

The package includes: an epic DFY blog posts, watercolor image and additional graphics packs, 7 journal page templates, 3 front styles of Spirit Animal Oracle Cards, 9 extra graphics packages all with commercial rights.

ON SALE! Spirit Animal DFY Content Membership from Gabby is on sale this week through Sunday, August 13. This is one of my favorite memberships and I’ve been a member since she originally launched. Right now you can save either $20 off the monthly membership with coupon code 20spiritanimals or $60 off the annual membership with coupon code 60spiritanimals

NEW! Adopt a Winning Attitude and Mindset PLR from JR Lang is on a dime sale this week. This huge content pack includes eBook, Report, 4 Motivational Audio Recordings and Scripts, Emails, Quotes, 3 Fill-In Journals, 40 Affirmations, 28 New Articles, 5 Editable Checklists And Graphics, Case Studies, 40 Tweets, Emails, Inspirational Calendar, 27 Editable Viral Images, 2 Editable Infographics, Videos, Bonuses and Much More

NEW! Printable Pregnancy Planner from Maureen is available in her shop this week. Save $20 through Sunday, August 13 on this 59-page planner with commercial use rights.

ON SALE! The Art of Story Selling from Content Sparks is on sale this weekend through Tuesday, August 15. Save 50% and get the Spotlight Bonus of 4 Story-Selling Templates in Word and Canva formats. The course covers using stories to convert prospects into customers through your sales process.

2024 Dated Smartphone Digital Planner from Jan at Simple Happiness is on sale through Tuesday, August 15. The package includes the planner (386 pages) in PDF and PPT formats, along with a 46-page customization guide to show you how to edit in PPT.

PRICE INCREASING SOON! Merchant Account 101 Workshop from Melody is open for early registration this week. In this 2-hour live workshop Mel’s going to share her expertise on merchant accounts, payment processors, and what  you need to know to do business and protect yourself and your payment accounts. The live workshop takes place on Friday August 18, and replays will be available. You can see the longer description I wrote here for more details.

That’s it for me tonight. I’m off to watch a webinar replay from yesterday, and then if I have any brainpower left, to work for another hour or two on getting content organized.

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

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P.S. Have you seen Piggy Makes Bank’s incredible Flash Sale that’s on right now?

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