Happy Sunday!

It’s another gorgeous day here in Central Ontario! It’s starting to feel like summer already, with the temperatures creeping up in the afternoons. Shaun came by yesterday and put the air conditioner in for me because it’s supposed to get quite warm and humid this week. I can deal with the heat, but I like the air conditioner because it has a dehumidifier option, and that’s what I use the most because with my heart issues, the humidity makes it very hard to breathe.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to with the new direction for my business is being able to take a day off here and there to get to the beach. I think overall the new projects are going to allow me a lot more time freedom than the constant round of creating and launching products has done for the past few years.

That’s why, with only three days and a few hours left in the sale, I’ve decided I want to go out with a bang…

Master Resale Rights Available for ALL Commercial Use Products

The sale is winding down, and I want to go out with a bang! So, I’m making 20 MPLR Licenses available to product owners between now and May 31 when the sale ends.

Here’s what that means for you:

If you own any of the products that are being featured in the sale, you are eligible to purchase a Master PLR/Extended Use License to use the products in your own PLR and/or sell them as PLR in your shop.

There will be 20 licenses per product available through the end of the sale on May 31. Licenses are $47 per product.

This will be the only time I will sell Master Rights to any of my products. And given the number of people who have asked me for these, I expect them to go very quickly, so if you want rights to a product or two, don’t wait to jump on this! If you need to see which products you have, you can find that in your member area under Active Resources.

Log in to your account here to check:

Ritchie Media Members Area

And if you want to see which products currently have MPLR Licenses available, you can go directly to the checkout page here:

Master Rights Checkout Page

If you don’t see the product you’re looking for there, it means that either a) I haven’t added it yet – I’m still working on adding everything; or b) the 20 licenses are already sold out.

NOTE:  If you have a regular license for products not included in the sale, log into the members area to find out how to request a license for your other products. Same rules apply – 20 licenses per product, $47 per license. I will take requests up until the end of the day on May 30, so I can get everything out by May 31.

May 31 is a hard deadline for us, and there will be no extensions to the sale.

Shop the Sale Here (regular PLR License only)

That’s my big news for this morning. Now, here’s the rest of the goodies I have for you today…

Top Picks This Week

Angela’s Quitaversary Sale!

I’m so excited! My good friend Angela Wills is moving her business back onto ThriveCart, and I am so happy that she did… for her as a business owner, and for me as an affiliate! It means I that even though I only use ThriveCart as an affiliate, I can promote her classes and the Email Practice Club again!

But that’s not why she’s my top pick today. That honour comes because she’s having a 16-year “Quitaversary” sale to celebrate 16 years of working for herself. (And I think I’ve known her for about 10 of those years.)

From now through Monday, May 29 she’s put all of her classes on sale for $16 each. Here are the classes you can choose from:

I’m especially looking forward to all the new email courses that I haven’t had time to dig into yet!

Six Figure Systems Sale Ends Tonight!!

My favorite membership for the past few years has been Cindy Bidar’s Six Figure Systems. As much as I love content, and do have several content memberships as well, the only membership that’s non-negotiable for me is Cindy’s. And that’s because the way she structures her trainings makes it easy for me to focus and follow along and actually get things done.

From today through Sunday, she’s put the membership on sale and you can save 25% off the monthly price. She’s also added an annual option for this sale as well. This is the last time the price will be this low as it’s increasing later on this summer.

So, I should probably tell you what you get inside your members area:

  • 33 In-depth business building courses
  • 15 checklist and template packs
  • 12 Members-only Workshops

That’s what’s waiting for you when you sign up. Then each month you’ll get:

  • Live workshops
  • Checklists and Templates
  • Trello boards for managing your projects
  • Continual improvement cheat sheets
  • Access to the members-only community

Check out Six Figure Systems Here

A Few Other Deals From Some of My Favorite Partners

Quite a few of my friends and favourite JV partners are having sales this weekend too! Here are just a few of them:

Card Decks on Sale from Ekit Hub – It’s Alice’s birthday this weekend and they’ve put a huge bundle of 720 Printable Cards (20 packs) on sale for only $27. Topics include:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Growth Mindset
  • Confidence
  • Kids Healthy Mindset
  • Healthy Goals
  • Stop the Procrastination
  • Self-Care
  • Daily Routine
  • Healing Mantras

And if you’re not sure what to do with them, there’s a huge list of ideas right on the sales page for you.

Check it out here

The Empowerment Collection from Lynette is on sale this weekend through May 30. Each day you’ll get a chance to save 50% on two products for 24 hours. Or you can choose to purchase all 12 products in a bundle and save up to 83%

See everything that’s included here

Publish for Prosperity’s Memorial Day SaleTrish has bundled up 11 of their most popular titles along with some bonuses for you this weekend. You can save 80% on the complete bundle with coupon code MayDeals OR if you only need one or two titles to complete your library you can save 70% on individual titles with coupon code Memorial. (You can even use the coupons on the upgrade packs too!) The complete bundle includes:

  • The Power of Strategic Thinking Report + Planner Pack
  • How the Stories You Are Telling Yourself are Holding You Back 4-Part eCourse
  • Boost Your Confidence Report + Planner Pack
  • Cultivating Better Relationships 4-Part eCourse
  • Tapping Into Your Inner Creativity Report + Planner Pack
  • Embracing the Power of Contentment Even When Times are Tough 4-Part eCourse
  • The Power of Kindness Report + Planner Pack
  • Recognizing & Healing from Trauma 4-Part eCourse
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Report + Planner Pack
  • 4 Weeks to a  More Confident You eCourse
  • Effective Daily Planning for a More Productive Life Report + Planner Pack

Bonuses Include:

  • 99 Canva Lead Magnet Templates (11 9-page sets of templates (one for each title listed above)
  • 101 Ways to a Better Me Planner + Report Pack
  • Happiness is a Choice Planner + Report Pack
  • 101 Ways to Break Bad Habits Planner + Report Pack

See everything that’s included here

Workbook Templates on Sale from MaryJo at Cool Bean Design. MaryJo makes such gorgeous personal development workbooks on topics such as Boosting Self-Esteem, Self-Empowerment, Beyond Your Comfort Zone, etc. This weekend they’re all on sale for 60% off when you use coupon code MEMORIAL60.

New! Healthy Relationships Bundle from Jennifer at Health & Wellness PLR is on sale for only $9.95 this weekend. The bundle includes:

  • Report #1: ‘How to Build a Healthy Relationship’ (5 pages, 1,331 words)
  • Report #2: ’12 Fun and Romantic Date Night Ideas’ (7 pages, 2,105 words)
  • 10 Articles: Long Form Articles on Healthy Relationships (800+ Words Each)
  • 100 Journal Prompts: All About Healthy Relationships (Word & Text format)
  • 100 Affirmations: All About Healthy Relationships (Word & Text format)
  • Journal: 102-Page Healthy Relationships Journal (Editable in Canva and PPT)
  • Workbook: 54-Page Healthy Relationships Workbook (Editable in Canva and PPT)
  • 2 Card Decks: Affirmations & Prompts Card Decks (Editable in Canva and PPT)
  • Flat eCovers: 4 Editable eCovers (Editable in Canva)

New! The Savvy Entrepreneur PLRfrom Aurelius is on sale this weekend for under $10. This full PLR package covers:

  • The mindset and beliefs you need to ensure your startup can be successful.
  • How to navigate success and failures to fuel your success?
  • Why you need to focus on your mindset to make decisions and create a business plan?
  • How to find the best way to delegate tasks to employees and other founders?
  • How to market your startup and make more sales?
  • And so much more

NEW!! Michelle at PLR Niche is having a Memorial Day sale from now through May 31. Use coupon code MEMORIAL50 to save 50% at checkout. The only product excluded is the recently launched Herb Garden Journal.

NEW!! Massive 248 Product PLR Fire Sale from Alice is on this week. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but for now you can grab a huge amount of archived content from her as part of a fundraiser for a new business venture. Find out what she’s planning, and everything that’s included in this massive bundle here: Alice’s Massive Fire Sale and did I mention… it’s only $47 for the whole lot!

Events on Now

The Printablepreneur Bundle hosted by Becky is on sale from today through May 31. She’s got 60 PLR products and 10 personal uses courses with a combined value of over $2000 for only $37.


design cuts gradient freebie preview

Free! Gorgeous Free Gradients from Design Cuts

Free! Etsy Digital Product Mockups from MaryJo at Cool Bean Design are available now. There are 10 different layouts in the set, editable in Canva, and come with a personal use license.

Free Personal Development Newsletter Pack from Publish for Prosperity. It includes 4 articles, 3 newsletter layouts, and affirmation and quote graphics to get you started. You could easily set up the layouts with your own style and branding, and then add any of your own or other DFY content to create your own newsletter series.

10 Free Achieving Work-Life Balance Inspirational Graphics from Publish for Prosperity

Free Lavender and Teal Digital Papers from D’vorah

Free Goal-Setting Pack with Article, Checklist & Poster from Ekit Hub

Free Goal-Setting Printables Pack from Ekit Hub

6 Free Canva Templates from Kate Danielle

Free Self-Employment PLR from Cheri at Grow Your Blog with PLR includes 3 articles and 3 emails.

Freebie of the Week from The Hungry Jpeg (changes each Wednesday)

Free Design of the Week from Design Bundles (changes each Friday)

Free Font of the Week from Font Bundles (changes each week)

Daily Freebies from Creative Fabrica

And that’s it for me today!

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

About the author, Ruth Bowers

I'm a self-styled creative soulpreneur who loves that she gets to play with words and pictures for a living. My friends call me the "Repurposing Queen" because I'm always coming up with new ways to use and reuse DFY Content. And I love sharing what I find with you too!

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