Happy Sunday!

And Happy Mother’s Day to everyone celebrating today!

It’s been an interesting week here. If you missed the big announcements on Friday, I am moving in a different direction with my business. But to do that I feel like it’s necessary to close a few doors so that I have room to open the new ones. So, to that end here’s what’s happening:

1. Effective immediately the Coloring Patterns Monthly membership is closed.

2. The Birthday Bash Bundle Sale has been cancelled.

I’ve wanted to go in this different direction for a couple of years now, but I was trying to do that at the same time as hanging on to the existing business model because I was too scared to take the leap.

But it’s become increasingly clear over the past few months that I can’t do that. So the doors have to be closed so I can move on. I had to take that leap and trust that the Universe has my back.

Does this scare the heck out of me? You bet it does… especially cancelling the bundle sale because that’s been the biggest influx of cash in my business during the year. But it’s a comfort zone, a safety net, and a security blanket all rolled into one.  

There is one more door to close and I’ll be announcing that on Tuesday, so stay tuned.

On that note, here’s what I have for you in this week’s roundup…

Top Picks This Week

Ends Today!! One-Pager Money Makers Workshop is the latest offer from Julie Coffman. I bought this earlier when it went live on Monday and have run through it fairly quickly just to get a feel for what she’s teaching this time out. This is a much simpler training than her big courses, and you can definitely get through the whole thing in one day if you want to.

She’s focusing on creating one-page printables this time, making it easy for beginners to get started and for more experienced people to actually get products created and listed. Here’s what’s covered in the training:

  • The “money maker mindset”
  • Idea generation
  • Easy-peasy research
  • Creating “quick-list” products
  • Producing and publishing
  • Money Maker marketing

I love that she starts with mindset because it’s something that a lot of people – me included – need to hear.

The workshop is on sale for only $37 through May 14, and jumps up to $67 after the initial launch period. Check it out here

Ends Today!! ADHD Planner Templates from Sue are available and on sale this week. Use coupon code ADHD through Sunday, May 14 to save $5. The pack includes 3 different planners: Junior, Teen, and Adult versions. There are a total of 95 layouts across the 3 different planners and they come in both PPT and Canva formats. You can see all the page layouts and flip book views of the planners on the sales page.

I’ll be picking these up for myself to edit and add to my shop.

Ends Tomorrow!! The Power Planner Mega Pack from Rayven at Color Monthly is on sale this week through Monday, May 15. I just love these mini “power planners” and Rayven has bundled up 20 of them – all with a spiritual theme – for this particular mega pack. Each individual planner includes:

  • A to do list page
  • A 2-page weekly spread
  • A tracker wheel
  • A goals page
  • An undated monthly calendar page

You can also choose from just the black and white coloring planner version ($27) or the combo version that gives you both the coloring pages and the full colour pages as well ($47).

See the complete list of planners included here

You can tell that my mind is on Julie’s training, because looking at this all I’m thinking about is how many one page money makers you can create and list with this bundle!

Pretty Printables is Kate Danielle’s course on creating printables in Canva. I’ve been following Kate for awhile now and love both her products and her teaching style. In this course you’re getting 6 modules with over 30 lessons that will take you from getting started with Canva to creating several different types of products to sell.

I find myself doing more and more in Canva these days, and I’m looking forward to going through the entire course and creating new products for my Etsy shop with it. I feel like this is going to be perfect for creating product that fit in with Julie’s One-Pager Money Makers training too.

Check out Pretty Printables Here

Deals Ending Today

The Second Annual Mega Mojo Bundle from Val and Rayven is on this weekend. This bundle is for entrepreneurs who want to boost their mojo and crush procrastination and overwhelm. It features 25 products and courses with a combined value of over $2800.

Baking Fun Design Kit from Katherine at Oasis Lane. This month’s kit includes 250+ elements with a baking theme, and all are personally created by Katherine so you don’t have to worry about any copyright infringement issues. The pack includes clipart, word art, digital papers, frames, and borders. It’s on sale for only $27 through May 14.

Quick & Easy Course Creation from Cindy Bidar is on sale this week. Use coupon code SHOWME to save $60 through Sunday May 14. In this training, Cindy is going to be sharing every single step she takes to plan, research, outline, write, design, and record every single one of her courses. And if you know Cindy, then you know this is a tried-and-true method. She creates a new course for her members every single month, so she’s got the systems down, and she’s laying them all out for you to use.

Low Content Resources

Simplify Your Life Ekit from Alice and Yusef is available and on sale this weekend. You can pick up the main offer for $14.95 from now through Wednesday, May 17. The pack includes:

  • 13 Page Report: “5 Ways to Add Simplicity to Your Life”
  • Worksheet: “Five Ways to Add More Simplicity to Your Life”
  • Checklist: “Five Ways to Add More Simplicity to Your Life”
  • 5 Articles
  • 5 – 18″ x 24″ Poster Graphics
  • 72-Page “The Simple Life” Journal
  • 365-Day “The Simple Life” Planner

Try before you buy with a free poster and article

New Wedding Planner Template from Chelsea at PLR Friends is available and on sale this weekend. Use coupon code MAYWEDDING to get it for $12 through Monday, May 15.

New Herb Garden Journal from Michelle at PLR Niche is available and on sale through Thursday, May 18. Save $10.50 when you use coupon code HERB23 at checkout.

Other DFY Content

Get Bonus Credits at PLR.meRonnie is having a 2-for-1 Double Bonus sale on credits from now through Monday, May 22. How it works is when you sign up for a plan, pay-as-you-go credits or extra member credits you will get a one time bonus of the same amount. For example, if you grab the 100 monthly plan, you’ll get 100 bonus credits today.

The Power of Lifelong Learning from Shaun and Cally is on sale this weekend. This is a full “biz in a box” style package that covers:

  • Uncover 5 secrets to living a fulfilling and empowered lifestyle.
  • Identify 9 disempowering habits to eliminate to become the best version of yourself.
  • How to reveal the concealed power of curiosity.
  • Explore 5 simple strategies to spark your curiosity.
  • How to use the “beginner’s mind” approach to enhance relationships.
  • 4 lesser-known pillars of lifelong learning.
  • 8 life-changing benefits of being a lifelong learner.
  • How to master new skills rapidly and excel at them.

Lead Generation Accelerator for Small Businesses is the latest DFY content release from Content Sparks. Save 67% through Wednesday, May 17 – no coupon required. There are also 2 early bird bonuses: a 5-day challenge kit, and a lead generation campaign planner when you purchase during the launch.

The course includes a step-by-step system for creating a practical action plan that works with your customers’ unique business models including consulting, ecommerce, membership subscriptions and more…

Tools & Training

Etsy Class on Personalized Stationery is the latest course from Kristie Chiles. I bought it this morning and am going to go through it this afternoon because I love stationery and if you’ve been around here for any length of time, then you know I have tons of digital papers and journal templates that could be repurposed for this. So I’m definitely looking forward to digging in and seeing what I can come up with, following Kristie’s system.

On Sale! QueContent Composer from Amy Harrop. Save $10 through May 16 with coupon code MAYTENOFF. This web-based app allows you to create question and prompt-based journals, workbooks, and other low- to medium-content products with just a few clicks.

Quiz Prompts Empire from Alessandro includes 329 ChatGPT prompts that you can use to create quizzes, quiz books and more. The topics covered include how to:

  • Uncover a treasure trove of inspiration for quiz short books about a lot of niches.
  • Save time and energy by automating your publishing business with ChatGPT, leaving your competition in the dust, asking themselves how can you work so fast and hit so many golden niches.
  • Unlock the power of ChatGPT with ready-to-use prompts that simplify your quiz creation with unlimited questions about your favorite niches.
  • Resell ready-made books with PLR, on Fiverr, or as materials for your blogs, just to give you a few hints.

Graphics Bundles on Sale

Dollar Deals from Creative Fabrica

Dollar Deals from The Hungry Jpeg

NEW!! The Inspirational Photography Creative Collection from Design Cuts

NEW!! The Perfect Paper Textures Bundle from Design Bundles

NEW!! Summer Lovin Bundle from The Hungry Jpeg

Pattern Bundle – 265 in 1 from The Hungry Jpeg


Free Personal Development Newsletter Pack from Publish for Prosperity. It includes 4 articles, 3 newsletter layouts, and affirmation and quote graphics to get you started. You could easily set up the layouts with your own style and branding, and then add any of your own or other DFY content to create your own newsletter series.

10 Free Achieving Work-Life Balance Inspirational Graphics from Publish for Prosperity

Free Lavender and Teal Digital Papers from D’vorah

Free Goal-Setting Pack with Article, Checklist & Poster from Ekit Hub

Free Goal-Setting Printables Pack from Ekit Hub

6 Free Canva Templates from Kate Danielle

Free Self-Employment PLR from Cheri at Grow Your Blog with PLR includes 3 articles and 3 emails.

Freebie of the Week from The Hungry Jpeg (changes each Wednesday)

Free Design of the Week from Design Bundles (changes each Friday)

Free Font of the Week from Font Bundles (changes each week)

Daily Freebies from Creative Fabrica

That’s it for me this morning. I’m off to get ready for golf and a barbecue for Mother’s Day!

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

About the author, Ruth Bowers

I'm a self-styled creative soulpreneur who loves that she gets to play with words and pictures for a living. My friends call me the "Repurposing Queen" because I'm always coming up with new ways to use and reuse DFY Content. And I love sharing what I find with you too!

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