My New Schedule and Deals Ending Today

Happy Monday!

There’s something to be said for a peaceful start to the week, don’t you think? I started on my new schedule this morning and even managed to wake up before the alarm went off at 6 a.m. (Although I probably have DanDan to thank for that!)

This morning, I followed the routine I laid out last night, and did my journaling while I had my coffee, then 2 hours on my Shopify store and the accompanying blog, went for my 30-minute walk, which turned into more like an hour because it was so beautiful that I had to sit by the river and just breathe for a bit. I even recorded a quick video for the Make Your Money Back Challenge (which is now starting on the 25th, but more on that in a bit).

Then I came home, got cleaned up and had brunch because by then it was almost noon) and since then I’ve been steadily working away at my to-do list. (Well, except for the little nap I tossed in there because I kept dozing off at my desk!)

I feel like this new schedule is going to really work for me because I get to start the day on my terms, get my self-care in and my priority task worked on before I have to start doing anything that involves anyone else. And that works for me.

I have always needed a slow start to the day, but never took it for myself because I felt guilty about not starting “work” until noon. Even though I work for myself so that I can have a schedule that fits my temperament and energy levels.

So, about that Make Your Money Back Challenge…

I screwed up. I set up the Facebook Group incorrectly, and so it appears no one could actually join the group. When I went to let everyone in this morning, there was no one there to be let in!

I’ve got it fixed now, and updated the access document in your amember dashboard, so if you’re a part of that, either through the Creative Repurposing Society or the Everything Content Bundle, you should be able to access the group now.

And if you’re not, and you do want to join in this challenge, you can either join the membership here, or watch tomorrow’s newsletter for details on how to get it as a standalone product.

That’s my news for today. I’m off to grab some quick dinner, and then get back to work for another few hours. I’ve got more emails to get out today, plus some work on the taxes, and then get the Make Your Money Back Challenge set up for non-members to access for tomorrow.

Hope your week is off to a great start too!

Create what makes your heart happy!

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Here are the partner deals ending today…

ENDS TONIGHT! This Blog Monetization Plan is the latest offer from Lynette at Thrive Anywhere. This workbook covers plans and strategies for monetizing your blog.

ENDS TONIGHT! Emergency Prep Coloring Journal from Color Monthly. Save 30% with coupon code PREP through Monday, September 18. Choose from black & white, full color pages, or a combo pack with both.

ENDS TONIGHT! The price triples tomorrow on the Beginner’s Guide to Personal Growth and Development from JR Lang. (This is the package I’ll be working on in the Make Your Money Back Challenge). I did a walkthrough of what I plan to do with pieces of it, and you can see that here.

ENDS TONIGHT! Learn to Use AI Tools for Printables Creation: AI Printable Automation is Amy Harrop’s lates content creation solution for us!  It’s a new way to harness the power of AI tools to create simple, in-demand printables. It’s on sale through Monday, September 18 for only $24.99

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