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How Can You Make The Best Use of Your Content If You Can't Find It?


Ruthie Bowers here with a question for you... 

Do you ever have a great idea for a piece of content you've either created or purchased, and not been able to find where you saved it to?

Or how about this... Is all of your saved content and purchased DFY content stored in several different places such as multiple hard drives, cloud storages, or even on multiple devices?

I feel your pain! 

I've been there too. And in some ways I still am, because I haven't got everything organized for myself yet although I'm slowing working on it. 

But I got fed up and frustrated when I spent 2 hours looking for one piece of content the other day, and so I decided it was time to do something about it! 

I decided to challenge myself to create a system where I could put my hands on any piece of content I needed without the stress and hassle of wondering where it is. And I turned it into this 5-Day Challenge so I could invite my friends and customers to come and join the fun!

Introducing... The Organize Your Content 5-Day Challenge

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Each day for 5 days we'll meet in my private community, and I'll have a task for you to do to get your content organized and into a system that works for you. I'll be doing this challenge right alongside you, and will be sharing what works for me, and what tools I'm creating for myself to make content organization easier. 

Here's a quick rundown of what we'll cover each day:

  • Day 0 – Welcome 
  • Day 1 – The importance of having backups
  • Day 2 – Taking inventory and letting go of what no longer serves you
  • Day 3 – Naming conventions, file labels and tags
  • Day 4 – There’s an app for that
  • Day 5 – The power of consistency
  • Day 6 – Challenge wrapup – what to do next

If you want to finally dump the stress of not having a content organization system in place, click the button below to join the party!

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