Happy Friday!

It’s another gorgeous day here in Central Ontario. There’s still a little bit of haze from the wildfire smoke but nothing like what it has been. I was outside for a bit this morning, and it was really pleasant. If I had something to do out there, I’d be spending more time outside than in!

I did take a whole “me day” yesterday. The only thing business-related I did was get on my mastermind call, which I was thrilled to be done golfing in time to get home for! Golf was really good, and that complete break was something I really needed. It’s been awhile since I took a whole day off.

So, since it’s the last day of the month, I thought I’d do a roundup of all the stuff that’s ending today.

Here’s what I have for you…

Today’s Read: 7 Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Calls to Action

In a previous post on rewriting DFY content, one of the tips I mentioned was needing a strong call to action in each piece. In this post I want to expand on that a bit and give you some tips for creating attention-grabbing calls to action that your readers can’t wait to click on.

As you know, it’s important to always have a call to action in each piece of content you share. It doesn’t always have to be asking your audience to spend money with you. It could be as simple as offering them a freebie, or inviting them to sign up for your list, or even just clicking a link to read a related article.

But, whether your call to action gets clicked on or not, depends on a variety of factors. It has to get your readers’ attention and make them want to take that next step. And here’s why…

The content you’re creating for them should be drawing them in and making them want to know what you have to offer. So, at the end of the article, blog post, social media post, or whatever content you have for them, they should be ready to click whatever link you have for them as a next step.

But what happens if you have a boring, generic, “I don’t really care if you stick around or not” call to action at the end of your content?

Your reader/watcher/listener will just leave thinking they’ve wasted their time. And you’ve just lost a chance to convert that person to a loyal follower, or even a paying customer.

That’s why creating attention-grabbing calls to action is so important whether you’re rewriting DFY content or creating your own content from scratch!

Here are 7 tips for creating attention-grabbing calls to action

Quick Links (for readers in a hurry)

Today’s Top Partner Pick

Angela’s Email Results Challenge officially starts tomorrow! I’m looking forward to this so that I can really amp up my email results over the Q3. Angela says that since it’s a long weekend here in Canada and the U.S., it’s going to be a really low-key start but I’m excited just the same.

This is a challenge focused on getting results for people who already have a list and want to grow it and make sales from it. I’m going to be working on building a brand-new list in Q3 so that I can run some case studies and change formats, and this is perfect for me to be able to do that.

Here are the challenge details:

  • Starts July 1st and runs to September 30th, 2023.
  • Includes Challenge PDF Guide, Cohort Facebook Group, Accountability and Draws for Prizes for Action Takers.
  • The cost is a one-time $80 OR you can get it included with your Email Practice Club membership. (Both options are on the sales page)

Check out the Email Results Challenge (registration closes July 7)

Yesterday’s Top Pick

I was supposed to tell you about Thrive Themes big summer sale yesterday, but since I didn’t do a newsletter I’m including it today. Especially since this is that last day for the sale!

My top pick for today is the Thrive Themes Summer Sale, where you can save 60% on all their products from now through June 30.

I’ve been using Thrive Suite for about 4 years now, and it runs all of my sites. And CreativeRepurposing.ca and RuthBowers.ca and my new site are also built using the Thrive Theme Builder (which is included in the suite). because their Thrive Suite runs all of my sites and has for about 4 years now.

In addition to Thrive Architect for building sales and opt-in pages, and the Theme Builder for creating my own WordPress themes, I also use Ultimatum (the countdown timer), and will be starting to add my courses to Thrive Apprentice over the coming weekend.

Save 60% on Thrive Themes

All the Deals Ending Today

Routines for the Soul is my next pick, and this is the latest wellness content from Piggy Makes Bank. You get 30 Articles, 30 Emails, eBook Compilation, 30 Social Media Posts, the “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, and an eBook/Workbook combo. Use coupon code SOUL to save $10 at checkout.

Game Changing Prompts to Boost Your Traffic from Denise and Andy at the AI Success Club is on sale through June 30 to celebrate Denise’s birthday. Use coupon code DENISEBDAY to save 64% at checkout. This AI Success Club Playbook includes 33 exclusive traffic-generating promtps you can use to tap into ChatGPT and increase your visibility.

NEW!! Catherine at Printables Academy is having a Summer Spin to Win Sale now through June 30. Spin the Wheel to earn between 20. 30. or 40% discounts on anything in her Printables Academy shop, including the monthly or yearly all access pass!

NEW!! 12 Hand Drawn Activity Placemats from Sasha are available and on sale this month for only $29 (reg. $37) through June 30. The 12 included placemats cover holidays and special events such as :

  1. Family Reunion
  2. First Communion
  3. Baptism
  4. Christmas
  5. Easter
  6. Wedding
  7. Mermaid Birthday
  8. Video Game Birthday
  9. Pizza Party
  10. Unicorn Birthday
  11. Ice Cream Party
  12. Generic Birthday

I think this is a seriously cool idea and can see all kinds of different uses for these. And, if you have puzzle software and kids coloring pages in your stash of content, you could easily swap out the included images for your own and created several different styles.

NEW!! The Ultimate Spring Bundle from Di and Simone at PLR Planners is on sale this month through June 30. You can pick up this bundle of 5 niche planners for only $49. The planners included are:

  • Anger Management Journal Bundle (Print & Digital)
  • Cheese Making Journal Bundle (Print & Digital)
  • Entrepreneurs Planner Bundle (Print & Digital)
  • Essential Oils Journal Bundle (Print & Digital)
  • Kid’s Writing Activities Ages 3+ (Print & Digital)

From Self-Criticism to Self-Confidence Content Kit from Jenn at Passion for PLR. This is one of my favorite topics so I’ll be picking up this kit today to put to use on one of my blogs. It comes with affirmations, canva templates, photos, epic blog post, self-survey, and social messages. Save 50% with coupon code confidence through June.

New Partner Offers

AI Search Playbook is the latest set of PLR videos from Charles Harper. These over the shoulder videos show you and your audience how to use the new AI Search platforms including Google SGE, Microsoft Bing, ChatGPT Plugins, and more.

Take Control: Stop Living on Autopilot & Take Back Control of Your Life is this week’s special from Tools for Motivation. It’s on sale for $29.95 (reg. $147) through Tuesday, July 4. This is a full PLR product that covers topics such as:

• Are You In Control? Are you even aware of what this truly means for you?

• Common symptoms and themes of those who fall out of control with their life and what to watch out for.

• Why it is vitally important to take back control NOW.

• A 7-Step Process you can use immediately to gain full control over your life and begin producing the results you truly want to experience.

Become a Journalpreneur: Create, Print and Sell Your Journals from Alice at PLR Finders shows you how to cover how to build a business creating and selling journals. It’s on sale right now for only $17. I’m excited to go through this myself since creating a proper journal store is high on my list to get done this year! Some of the topics covered include:

  • 5 important steps to understand before you start creating selling and journaling
  • The things to know about WHY people love journaling, so you can create better journals that your customers can’twait to buy.
  • What kind of journal themes are popular…we’ve laid out 100 for you that you can choose to focus on or use to dive deeper into your own specialty.
  • 250 copy-paste titles you can use in a variety of themes.
  • Making the important decision between digital or printed journals. We’ll tell you what to consider.
  • Uncovering the unique experience you can provide to buyers of your journals, so they keep coming back for more.
  • An overview of different types of journal layouts you can create to suit different journaling objectives.

Lori’s Birthday Sale! Lori Winslow is celebrating her birthday this weekend! From today through Tuesday, July 4 she’s offering a 53% discount on everything in her store including courses, template packs, and memberships!  Use coupon code 53BIRTHDAY to claim your savings at checkout.

That’s it for me today. I’m going to take a quick break for a bit, and then come back and do some more work this evening.

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

See you tomorrow!

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