The Make Your Money Back Challenge

How Quickly Can You Make Back the Cost of that DFY Content You Just Bought?


Ruthie Bowers here with a question for you... 

Do you have great intentions for using a DFY Content package when you buy it? 

Okay... maybe I have a few more questions... 

Do you actually follow through and get that product created and up for sale so you can make your money back?

Or is that content still sitting on your hard drive waiting for you to do something with it, and becoming just another wasted spend. 

Because, let's be honest here... When you don't use the content you buy it really is wasted money. It's also wasted hard drive space... whether it's yours or the vendors because you don't download the products when you pay for them. (Yup, I've done that too!)

I decided that it was time to do something about all the DFY content sitting on my own hard drives, and external drives, and cloud storage, and... You get the picture, right? You might even have a collection of your own that you've been meaning to use! (It's okay... we're all friends here.)

I mentioned that I was going to challenge myself to see how quickly I could make my money back on a $97 bundle of DFY content to a good friend. Her response was, "I need that! You should do a challenge around that!" 

So I did! And I'm inviting you to come along and join in the fun, and finally get some of that DFY Content making money for you!

Introducing... The Make Your Money Back Challenge

10 Days to Choose, Use, and Market Your DFY Content 

Make Your Money Back Challenge

Each day for 10 days (September 17 to 30, Monday thru Friday), we'll meet in a Pop-Up Facebook Group, and I will have resources and tasks for you. I'll be doing this challenge right alongside you, and will be sharing what works for me, and what tools I'm creating for myself to make the system flow more smoothly. 

I've divided the 10 days into 3 sections with welcome and wrapup sessions: 

Day 0 - Welcome to the Challenge! (You'll see this as soon as you join!)

Section 1 - Choose Your Content (Days 1 and 2)

  • Decide on a pack of content to work with 
  • Understand why you bought it
  • What you thought you'd do with it and why it's still sitting on your hard drive 
  • What do you want to do with it now? Setting up your content strategy

Section 2 - Use Your Content (Days 3, 4, and 5)

  • Create your product
  • Create your sales materials and deliverables

Section 3 - Marketing Your Product (Days 6 thru 10)

  • Create your affiliate materials
  • Email marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • and more...

Day 11 - Challenge Wrap-up. How did you do?

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