Happy Saturday!

And Happy Canada Day if you’re celebrating today!

I have to admit, I didn’t do much today but stay inside and stay cool. I went over to the store early this morning and it was already too hot and humid for me, so I’m staying put. Which is fine by me because I’m not much of one for crowds and loud noises, although I do love a good parade.

As for what I’ve gotten myself into… it’s this…

I signed up for two challenges that started today! And no, so far I don’t have either of my tasks done. It’s been a very lazy Saturday!

So, I’m doing the Email Results Challenge that’s being hosted by Angela Wills that I’ve been telling you about. But yesterday I got an email from Paul Taubman who runs the Ultimate Blog Challenge inviting me to take part in this month’s blog challenge. I used to be a regular participant in those when I was a full-time blogger, and so since I’m trying to develop some new blogs (yes, more than one, because… niches) I signed up for that one too!

Then this morning as I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about today, and trying to come up with a coherent content plan for at least this month, all I could think was “what have I done now?”

But I’m going to forge ahead and do the email challenge plus a blog post a day. I’ll be focusing on the Creative Repurposing site for both challenges, so that makes it a bit easier. I think I’ve also come up with a way to take care of two things at once… building out the Creative Repurposing Site to replace what I had at Ritchie Media (which will eventually become the new event site), and also use some of my niche PLR that I’ve gathered over the years on a couple of other projects at the same time.

I’ll have more details about how I’m going to do that coming soon for you. I’m really excited about this new stage of my business development, and I hope you’ll find it useful too!

In the meantime, it’s a long weekend for us here in Canada and for our American neighbours, and a few people are having sitewide sales to celebrate.

This is a great time to stock up on content and templates if you need content for any of your projects for the rest of the year.

Here they are:

JR Lang is having a sitewide sale this weekend on everything in her shop (special launches excluded). Use coupon code Happy4th-2023 to save 60% on your cart.

Becky Beach is having a July 4th Sale from now through July 5. Use coupon code JULY4TH23 to claim your savings.

Marcy at The Unpopular Mom is also having a 4th of July Sale this weekend. Use coupon code fourthofjuly60 to save 60% through July 6.

Carmen’s 4th of July Sale runs through July 5 and you can save 40% with coupon code 4THJULY23 on everything in her shop except memberships.

Lori’s Birthday Sale! Lori Winslow is celebrating her birthday this weekend! From today through Tuesday, July 4 she’s offering a 53% discount on everything in her store including courses, template packs, and memberships!  Use coupon code 53BIRTHDAY to claim your savings at checkout.

Quick Links (for readers in a hurry)

Partner Offers You May Like

ENDS TONIGHT!! Spiritual Retreat Travel Vacation DFY Content and Planner from Gabby is on sale this week! Save $20 with coupon code spiritualtrip.

The package includes:

  • 5 blog posts
  • 20 planner templates in 4 sizes, Canva and PPT formats
  • Watercolor graphics

You can choose from either the full content package or just the planner – both options are on the sales page. And there’s also one additional offer for The Spiritual Retreat Vacation Journal & Card Templates after you purchase.

FREE PLR!! 7 Things You Can Do To Double Your Income from Piggy Makes Bank – includes 7 articles and 7 emails.

NEW!! Kevin Fahey just released his latest IM Checklists. This is Vol. 67 and it covers AI for Internet Marketing. You get 18 checklists with PLR that cover how to use AI for several different tasks such as:

  1. Defining Your Marketing Goals
  2. Leveraging AI To Identify Your Target Audience
  3. Selecting The Right AI Tools For Your Marketing
  4. Leveraging AI To Collect And Analyze Customer Data
  5. Using AI For Customer Support
  6. Utilizing AI To Generate Headlines For Ads And Ad Copies
  7. Using AI For Image Recognition
  8. Optimizing Conversion Rate With AI
  9. Leveraging AI For Promotional Personalization
  10. Using AI For Predictive Analysis

NEW!! Recipe Bundle Templates from Sue at Createful Journals are available and on sale through July 4. Use coupon code RECIPEPLANNER to save $5 at checkout. The pack includes:

  • Recipe Tracker Lead Magnet
  • Recipe Tracker Printable
  • Digital Kitchen Organizer
  • Powerpoint and Canva Templates
  • 8.5 x 11 inches and A4
  • Color and Black and White
  • Commercial Use License

ON SALE!! Etsy Infomania from Stuart and Bart is on sale this weekend for almost 50% off. Use coupon code JULY4 to claim your savings through Friday, July 7. I’m so glad they put this on sale because it reminds me that I had planned to do some of what they’re teaching way back when they launched this in January! What the training shows you a new way to make money on Etsy by selling simple info reports, and they’ve created this 90-page training guide to share the process.

AI Search Playbook is the latest set of PLR videos from Charles Harper. These over the shoulder videos show you and your audience how to use the new AI Search platforms including Google SGE, Microsoft Bing, ChatGPT Plugins, and more.

Take Control: Stop Living on Autopilot & Take Back Control of Your Life is this week’s special from Tools for Motivation. It’s on sale for $29.95 (reg. $147) through Tuesday, July 4. This is a full PLR product that covers topics such as:

• Are You In Control? Are you even aware of what this truly means for you?

• Common symptoms and themes of those who fall out of control with their life and what to watch out for.

• Why it is vitally important to take back control NOW.

• A 7-Step Process you can use immediately to gain full control over your life and begin producing the results you truly want to experience.

Become a Journalpreneur: Create, Print and Sell Your Journals from Alice at PLR Finders shows you how to cover how to build a business creating and selling journals. It’s on sale right now for only $17. I’m excited to go through this myself since creating a proper journal store is high on my list to get done this year! Some of the topics covered include:

  • 5 important steps to understand before you start creating selling and journaling
  • The things to know about WHY people love journaling, so you can create better journals that your customers can’twait to buy.
  • What kind of journal themes are popular…we’ve laid out 100 for you that you can choose to focus on or use to dive deeper into your own specialty.
  • 250 copy-paste titles you can use in a variety of themes.
  • Making the important decision between digital or printed journals. We’ll tell you what to consider.
  • Uncovering the unique experience you can provide to buyers of your journals, so they keep coming back for more.
  • An overview of different types of journal layouts you can create to suit different journaling objectives.

That’s it for me today. I’m going to make a cup of tea and go watch a movie this evening!

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

See you tomorrow!

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