Happy Monday!

It’s been a fun morning so far! I started the morning off by having to unclog my kitchen sinks. And while I’m pretty proud of myself for having done it, man oh man did I miss having Shaun around to do the dirty work for me!

I have a question for you this morning…

“How many success stories do you need to hear before you write your own?” ~ author unknown

I wish I could take credit for coming up with that, but I can’t. I showed up in something I was reading on the weekend, and it was like a punch in the face when I saw that. Because I’m guilty of seeing other people’s success and wishing I could have that, but then not making the changes that I know need to be made in order to write my own success story.

I even said to my coach last week that the longer I’m in this business, the more like a failure I feel most days. And I’m not saying that for sympathy or commiseration, I’m just sharing the truth of the matter with you because that’s what I try to do. Most days I’m pretty confident, but sometimes I really do question what I’m doing and if I’m on the right path. I really wrestled over the weekend to even share this with you, because I know most people want all the good news and all the positive stuff all the time. But that’s not reality – at least not for me. The reality is this business takes a lot of work. And while I love the work, there are days I don’t like it very much. And on those days it gets real hard to show up and be confident and share.

This probably isn’t what you expected to hear this morning… it’s not an “It’s Monday and it’s going to be a great week!” gushy type of message. But it is an “It’s Monday… it IS going to be a great week” because it is the week in which I can write a new success story. And you can too.

It starts with picking one thing that will move you forward and just doing it.

I hope you have a great week ahead, and I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Here’s what I have for you this morning…

Featured Partner Pick Today

One-Pager Money Makers Workshop is the latest offer from Julie Coffman. I bought this earlier this morning and have run through it fairly quickly just to get a feel for what she’s teaching this time out. This is a much simpler training than her big courses, and you can definitely get through the whole thing in one day if you want to.

She’s focusing on creating one-page printables this time, making it easy for beginners to get started and for more experienced people to actually get products created and listed. Here’s what’s covered in the training:

  • The “money maker mindset”
  • Idea generation
  • Easy-peasy research
  • Creating “quick-list” products
  • Producing and publishing
  • Money Maker marketing

I love that she starts with mindset because I really needed to hear what she had to say about that this morning!

The workshop is on sale for only $37 through May 14, and jumps up to $67 after the initial launch period. Check it out here

$10 Top Notch DFY Content For You

Justin and the team at Tools for Motivation are having a “last chance” sale on 3 of their deals from the end of 2022. Each $10 deal includes a full content bundle with blog posts, audio files, slide decks, tips posters, extras, and a bonus self-help tips report.

There are three deals to choose from and they’re on sale through Friday, May 12:

Exercising Empathy

Present Moment Awareness

The Power Of Being Different

Partner Deals Ending Today

 The Shaped Word Search Generator is the latest cloud-based puzzle app from Niranjan and Bings, and as usual they’ve hit it out of the park. I’ve had a chance to poke around a bit and am really excited to have a serious play with this now that I’m switching my focus to more publishing of KDP for the second half of the year.  

Events on Now

New!! The Second Annual Mega Mojo Bundle from Val and Rayven is on this weekend. This bundle is for entrepreneurs who want to boost their mojo and crush procrastination and overwhelm. It features 25 products and courses with a combined value of over $2800.

New Reinvent Yourself PLR from Jennifer at Health & Wellness PLR is available and on sale for the next few days. The package includes:

  • Report #1: ‘How to Reinvent Yourself & Transform Your Life’ (6 pages, 1,623 words)
  • Report #2: ’14 Ways to Create a New Vision For Your Life’ (8 pages, 2,703 words)
  • 10 Articles: Long Form Articles on Personal Reinvention (800+ Words Each)
  • 100 Journal Prompts: All About Reinventing Yourself (Word & Text format)
  • 100 Affirmations: All About Self Reinvention (Word & Text format)
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  • Workbook: 54-Page Reinvent Yourself Workbook (Editable in Canva and PPT)
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  • Flat eCovers: 4 Editable eCovers (Editable in Canva)

NEW!! Summer Self-Care Challenge from Mary Jo is available and on sale for only $9 through Monday, May 8 when you use coupon code SSCC23. This Canva template with commercial use rights comes in A4 and US Letter sizes, and includes 38 different self-care ideas to incorporate into the summer months, along with daily charting for accountability and progress tracking.

NEW!! Sell Printables on Etsy Kickstart from Chelsea at PLR Friends is available and on sale through Monday, May 8. The course is designed to guide beginners through the steps of how to create their first printable in Canva, open their Etsy shop, and list their first product. Use coupon code ETSYKICKSTART20 to save $20 at checkout.


Free Personal Development Newsletter Pack from Publish for Prosperity. It includes 4 articles, 3 newsletter layouts, and affirmation and quote graphics to get you started. You could easily set up the layouts with your own style and branding, and then add any of your own or other DFY content to create your own newsletter series.

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That’s it for me today. I’m off to get some work done and go for a walk this afternoon.

Have an amazing day! Create what makes your heart happy!

About the author, Ruth Bowers

I'm a self-styled creative soulpreneur who loves that she gets to play with words and pictures for a living. My friends call me the "Repurposing Queen" because I'm always coming up with new ways to use and reuse DFY Content. And I love sharing what I find with you too!

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